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Flashback Friday & Year End Give Away!!!

As we come to the end of the year it is great to look back on some of the wonderful relationships we have developed and the excitement and joy that is shared when a client has successfully sold their home, bought an investment property or moved into their new dream place!

So for the next few Fridays we will randomly post some Flash Back Friday Moments and offer our thanks to all who have trusted us with these monumental moments in their lives…

Additionally, we’re going to do a YEAR END PRIZE DRAWING! There are several PRIZES to be won such as an official Pekka Rinne’ Nashville Predators Team Jersey, Massage Therapy Gift Cards and much more… All clients, friends, colleagues and customers are eligible to be entered to win and there are lots of ways to do so. The way it will work is as follows:

• Everyone who has bought or sold a home with us during 2015 will automatically be entered. But there’s more!

• For each positive testimonial kindly completed, we would be delighted to place an additional entry for you. A testimonial can be completed by anyone who we have had the pleasure working with over the last decade, it doesn’t have to be from 2015! CLICK HERE to complete a testimonial for us and receive that entry.

• By completing a Zillow review (which is different from the testimonial just mentioned - although you can copy and paste the review comments section to save re-writing it twice), we will once again raise your odds of winning by adding another entry for you! CLICK HERE to go to my Zillow page to leave a review.

• For 2 additional entries (that’s right - doubling up those chances again) we are adding anyone who has been gracious enough to send us a referral this year. I’m pretty good at keeping track of these, but if you’d like to make sure I know about someone you referred, please let us know by CLICKING HERE and reminding me! As an example - 3 referrals = 6 more entries!!! And don’t forget, I always like to reward successful referrals with a thank you gift. :-)

Finally as a HUGE THANK YOU. If you spend the few minutes it takes to fill out both the testimonial section provided above and the Zillow review too, i’ll send you a gift in the mail just for spending this time helping me grow & improve my business!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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